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Save the Date Wording Ideas В

How you phrase your save the date wordingВ is truly up to you. If you’re throwing a formal wedding, spell out the location and the full names of the couple. If your guests are expecting something a bit more casual, don’t hesitate to get a little playful with the wording. Here are a few examples.

Formal Wedding Save the Date Wording

Design: Mr. Taylor Design Co.

For formal wedding stationery, you may want to choose a simple, cream-colored background, with a touch of rose gold or a metallic border. For fonts, you may want to choose a design that has your name written in calligraphy, with a serif font for the remaining details. Here are two examples.

Kindly reserve

October 24th, 2020 for the wedding uniting

Sasha Kathryn O’Brian and Timothy Allen Patrick

Chicago, Illinois

Formal invitationВ to follow


Brittany Johanna Amundson and Joshua Robert McCarthy

Request your presence at their wedding ceremony

December 5th, 2020

New York, New York

Formal invitationВ to follow

Modern Wedding Save the Date Wording

Design: Jessica Williams

For a modern or minimalist wedding celebration, you may want to find a save the date with an engagement photoВ of the happy couple. Include links to your wedding URL if you have one, and feel free to abbreviate dates and locations, and to use only first names.


Save the date

Ryan + William

Washington, DC

Formal invitationВ to follow


Alesha + Thomas


San Francisco, California

Formal invitationВ to follow

Playful Save the Date Wording

Design: National Park Foundation

For a playful save the date design, you could choose a photo card or a fun illustration. You can write a light-hearted one-liner to open things up or send your guests off with a pun.

Liz and Chris are getting hitched!


Austin, Texas

Formal invitationВ to follow


Jess + Tess


Dubuque, IA

There’s an open bar. If you need to know anything else, visit:

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Create Custom Save the Date Cards for Your Wedding

You have waited a lifetime to find each other and then you had to wait a little longer to hear that one key phrase. Now that he has popped the question, it’s time to get the wheels in motion as you plan your biggest day. Start your planning off right with custom save the date cards from Shutterfly.

Tell the World “I’m Getting Married”

While you may have already proudly displayed your engagement ring on social media, now is the time to let your loved ones know they need to reserve time on their calendars for your big day. Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to turn your favorite photo or photographs of the two of you as a couple into one-of-a-kind save the date cards.

Designing the Save the Date Cards

Shutterfly is here to be the ace in your wedding-planning pocket. With Shutterfly, it’s easier than ever to upload your favorite photograph and turn it into beautiful stationery for every occasion. First off, you need to let your desired guests know when their presence will be expected with a wedding guest book.

Designing the save the date cards should be the easiest step in your wedding planning process, especially compared to picking the day. Once the date is figured out, all you need to do is upload your favorite photograph into the template that best captures you and your loved one’s personalities. The design assistant will help you arrange your card and you can pick your favorite fonts and colors to make the messaging look perfect. Custom save the date cards are a beautiful way to feature your best photograph and truly declare you as a couple.

Looking to take out two birds with one stone? Shutterfly has a lovely collection of invitations. While you are designing save the date cards you can prepare your personalized wedding invitations. Shutterfly has a design for every style (and every budget) With the pre-wedding paper products out of the way you can focus on the important wedding planning projects – finding the dress and toasting with champagne and the bridesmaids.

Shutterfly Loves Weddings

Shutterfly is here to help you in every step of planning your wedding. You can outfit your guests and bridal party with custom bridal party gifts to thank them for sharing in your joy. Shutterfly also has the best options for creating unique stationery to use as thank you cards for all who help you plan for your big day. Turn your favorite wedding picture into beautiful thank you cards for your wedding gifts. Wedding planning can be fun and Shutterfly is here to help with the good times. Custom save the dates will have you on the path to ever after bliss.

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